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SHOW ME – Glamour is back!

We breathe, of course, to live. But the greatest moments are those in which we hold our breath. On the quest for just these moments, SHOW ME homes in on one particularly fascinating question: what if the three show icons from the past – Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., Busby Berkeley and Esther Williams – hadn’t had their heyday in the past century, but here and now? What would a modern-day show by the brilliant revue creators of the 1900s to the 1960s look like?

The German daily newspaper DIE WELT raves in its response to this question: “There is nothing more opulent in either Las Vegas or Paris; this really can only be experienced in Berlin.” The Sunday edition of the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE newspaper dubbed SHOW ME “one of the most glamorous, artistically challenging and versatile shows in the world”, advising its readers: “You simply must go!”

Glamour is back. More dazzling than anything you have ever seen before on the biggest theatre stage in the world. SHOW ME is outstanding entertainment that draws on the technical capabilities of our time. With modern music, elaborate lights and contemporary dance culture. Sensational world-class artistry aesthetically interwoven with captivating formations of bodies and costumes. Among the more than 500 magnificent costumes are also creations of the legendary Parisian couturier Christian Lacroix.

With a budget of more than 9 million euros, SHOW ME is the Palast’s most lavish production yet. And with over 160 participants, including more than 100 artists, it is also the largest ensuite show in the Western world. And so far our most elaborated one. Subtly poetic moments are juxtaposed with overpowering wow effects, including 60 dancers in futuristic LED suits and an over 20 metre high waterfall. “The world has never seen anything like it before,” applauds the Berliner Kurier.

Cruise amidst islands of pure bliss at the Palast and plunge head first into a sea of beautiful art. Experience magical, moving, lasting moments. And regardless of how breathtaking it may all be: don’t forget to breathe.

Until 19 July only!

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